An Amazing Adventure Begins In Ecuador

In Ecuador is where you will find Amazon rainforests, snowcapped Andean peaks, breathtaking pacific coastline, and a variety of flora and fauna that will take your breath away. In addition, the country boasts a cultural spectrum that includes Indian, Mexican, African American, and European. Can you now see yourself spending your vacation with adventure tours in Ecuador?

Horseback riding is very popular in Ecuador because this gives you an excitement of seeing such a diverse region from your comfortable viewpoint on horseback. This would seem interesting for adventurers like you who wish to do their trekking on the back of a horse. Traveling on horseback will give you the opportunity to get up close to the country’s extraordinary landscape that includes the furthest corners of the crater, deep ravine, rushing mountain streams, hot volcanic springs, and tropical mountain rainforests. It’s one of the places wherein you can instantly feel solitude and peace of heart and mind, and the only sound you’re going to hear is your heartbeat, the sounds that your horse’s hooves made, and the wild animals that seem to have sensed your presence.

Your adventure tours in Ecuador provide you with enormous variety of amazing opportunities for adventure- spirited traveler. It is in Ecuador that you can hit dirt paths on the saddle of a mountain bike making your way to a thick jungle with only a compass and strong determination, or venture up the sides of snowcapped volcanoes. Either way, you are going to have the kind of adventure that rarely comes to you. Or, you can climb up to the highest peaks of the Andes Mountains or go whitewater rafting down interesting canyon.

There are plenty of mountain climbing guided tours which are usually escorted by professional mountain guides, who are well-trained in mountain climbing and rescue, and an assist you in having safe and fun-filled mountain climbing tours. Mountain biking, and trekking expedition, is one of the adventure tours in Ecuador that surely satisfy individuals with adventurous spirits like you.

If you plan of going on a trekking tour, it is best to employ a native guide who knows that place and weather like the back of his hand. This adventure tour can be very exciting and enjoyable for it allows you to see remote places that only few people might have seen. On the other hand, mountain biking tend to catch the attention of those who find sweating appealing. Mountain biking tours are usually accompanied by support vehicle that will drop you off and pick you up, not to mention carrying your food and drinking water. It stays in touch with the bikers so as to give immediate help if needed. But, if sweating does not give you much of an interest but wanted to take the same trails, motor cycling maybe the thing for you. These adventure tours in Ecuador fit for people who like to ride on two wheels.

Whitewater rafting and skydiving are one of the very popular exhilarating activities these days and if you happen to be fond of them, they are available in some of the towns in Ecuador. Whatever adventure or excitement you are looking for; adventure tours in Ecuador have them for you.